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First in Line, First in Mind 

77% of home sellers contact only one agent* 

Viu predicts which homeowners are most likely to sell utilizing hundreds of datasets and machine learning. Once the home owners are identified, we will market directly to them. No need for constant follow up, Viu will nurture and communicate with the potential sellers until they are ready to sell. 

Viu has limited availability and offers market exclusivity in most markets!


Affordable AI solutions that you can set and forget. Receive hundreds of leads monthly or allow Viu to market for you. 


With our pinpoint marketing, Viu puts you and your brand in front of the right sellers multiple times a day.

Lead Nurturing

Not all homeowners are ready to sell right away and your time is valuable. Viu will engage and keep your sellers warm and loyal until they are ready to list their house.

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